Northern Star Column


By the time you read this we’ll be soaring overhead to Yackandandah Folk Festival. Where the hell is Yackandandah? About 40 klicks from Albury, where I grew up. I used to ride my pushy out there when I didn’t feel like fighting the Leaney Lads down at the park.

A folk festival? Well, yeah, it’s not often we get asked to play them, we’re considered too rock’n’roll, but they must have liked the idea of banjo and bushranger ballads. So Tom Jones is jetting in from Darwin, Al from Sydney, while Uncle Burnin’ Love and I hotfoot it from the Gold Coast. He’s just back from a huge grunge revival festival in Sydney, where his old band, Nunbait played alongside such dirty rock outfits as The Meanies, The Hard Ons, The Hellmen and the Celibate Rifles.

So anyway, we’ll be hooking up with Truckstop Honeymoon, from New Orleans, good friends who we’ve played with a number of times, and Lucie Thorne, in Yackandandah. Good word isn’t it? Yack-an-dan-dah. Rolls off the tongue. Bloody long way to go though.

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