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Dorrigo – again

Dorrigo is featuring heavily in my personal orbit these days – been up there quite a bit recently with the Re-mains and my other outfit – the Lonely Horse Band. On Friday night the Re-Mains landed for a raucous evening accompanied by a group of quality control officials – who proceeded, literally, to tear the place a new bistro. Several locals also made the trek up from Bellingen, including Pete Bufo, one-time Australian Beef Week Show stalwart. The scenes at the Top Pub rooms later that evening were remarkable for their lurid consistency, the quality control officials being sticklers for decorum and proper procedure. Next weekend I return to the scene of the grime to play the Dorrigo Bluegrass Festival with the Lonely Horse Band. Readers of this column might be aware we did a songwriting project there a couple of months ago and came up with an album that we’ll be playing. On the Sunday I rendezvous with The Re-mains for a 1pm show at the Coaching Station in Nymboida, owned by one Russell Crowe, who is well known for his insistence on quality control.

1 thought on “Dorrigo – again”

  1. We were on holiday in Bellingen in October 2009 and waited until you got more copies of CD you made then. After we came to Scotland we lent it to someone and never saw it again. We are devasted as we simply love it. It was a fantastic gig and we love you all. Our son lives in Bello and would dearly love to find a copy.Could you advise us on how to get hold of a copy. we hope to get back to Oz for next festival. Best Wishes for your future.Love Mina MacDonald x

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