Bootless and Unhorsed

Alors. Je suis country rock and roll imbeciles. July ’09

Alors. Je suis country rock and roll imbeciles.

Collectively possessing approximately 8 verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs in the French parvenu it is not surprising that we had few profound conversations (apart from those internicine ones inside Curtis regarding current trends in philosophy, herbal essences etc) in Quebec, where many or most of the residences either refuse or affect to refuse to speak in any other than their native tongue (once or twice removed).
However with the usual sign language and subtle nuances of gesture we were nearly able to get the muffler fixed, and of course buy beer.
The two gigs we played were surprisingy well received considering the language abyss. At the Divan Orange in Montreal we played with Luluc, a cracking outfit from Melbourne who just came off a tour with Lucinda Williams and met Glenn Campbell at the Calgary Folk Festival, two qualifications only matched by their fine songs and singing.
In the diminutive audience was Ochelle (spelling?) galfriend and expectant mother of TJ’s child, separated by bureacracy and oceans from Maitland – small world.
A couple of days in Montreal spent surmounting the language divide and then north to Lavaltrie. The gig there was in a converted horse stable – hence the Chasse Gallerie, a fine old building outfitted with a great PA. Again the audience was small, but very appreciative and we’ll be returning there.
After the gig, a six-hour jaunt south to Toronto, only delayed by the bizarrely confusing and complicated freeway system that put us through a few loop-de-loops and tried to keep us on the island of Montreal.
So now we’re in TO, a great city. Looking forward to some roast duck in Chinatown. Alors!

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