Northern Star Column

Vancouver – June 6

Well here we are at the famous Railway Club in Vancouver, where a model train rolls above and all around the club all night. A jolly, raucous show, with support act Joey Only and the Outlaw Band uploading a big, bouncy crowd who are all confirmed country rock and roll addicts as of now.
In particular a large chap named Steve, a plumber by profession, who had this tale to tell;
He was at Jericho Beach, near Vancouver last summer, with his girlfriend. They went out for a swim, and returned to the beach, which was deserted. On a rock just by their towels and clothes, was a cd, which proved to be The Re-Mains compilation. There was nobody in sight. Steve duly took the cd and played it at home. It is now on high rotation on his ipod and he knew the words to all the songs on it, though as he got drunker on Red Truck Ale his diction became less articulate.
One of the bargirls was from Perth, which explained why she sounded like a Kiwi. She was last seen leaping hysterically to ‘Folksinger Blues’.
We’re soon to take possession of the Canadian version of our new album ‘Inland Sea’, impeccably recorded out at Christian Pyle’s Lot 64 studios. If last night is anything to go by, they oughta sell by the truckload over here.

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