Northern Star Column


Back from Canada for three weeks, the Re-Mains are settling into their old habits nicely – we played two shows at our old stomping grounds, Nimbin and Lennox Head pubs, on the weekend. Nimbin was, as ever, a brilliant, bawdy experience. The much-maligned hamlet is, for mine, the most vibrant and important town in the region, a brawling, majestic colony of the furthest reaches of the human condition. Playing there is a unique privilege and its good to see folk I’ve known there for years still responding to the majesty of country rock and roll. At Lennox the Trojan’s had won their final and were carousing steadily – they had no choice but to submit to the sinister powers of the banjo.
Which brings me back to Canada – and another epic tour conducted in Curtis, our doughty V8 Chevy Van, which swallowed 18,000 kilometres as we played 51 shows across that gargantuan nation. Highlights included playing Breakfast TV in Calgary, criss-crossing the Rockies to play such remote venues as the Zoo in Prince George, venue voted most likely to have your ear bitten off in, and supporting the likes of the Joey Only Outlaw Band, the Secretaries, the Bush Pilots and The Beauties, all bands that I consider among the best I’ve ever seen.

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